We are a religious community of brothers and priests, living in St Joseph’s Monastery. This mission house of St Joseph’s was established on 8th September 1876.

Redemptorists are passionate about the Gospel and equally passionate about sharing the Gospel message of God’s love for all people with all sectors of society, but especially with those who live on the edges of church and society. There is a special place in our hearts for those who feel abandoned and who have difficulty in finding their way in life.

Living in community is very important for Redemptorists. We are committed to living together as brothers – praying together, working together and supporting each other. We have chosen, as our Constitutions express it, to put the person of Christ at the centre of our community life and we strive day by day to enter ever more intimately into personal union with him.

Preaching continues to be an important ministry for Redemptorists and some members of the community travel from place to place preaching and conducting retreats. The national Redemptorist preaching and mission team today is made up of Redemptorists and lay co-workers who share our charism. Redemptorists are increasingly committed to working in partnership with lay people as this best reflects the Church as the People of God, and it honours the gifts given to each of us by the Holy Spirit to further the Mission of God.

To find out more about the other Redemptorist communities and ministries in Ireland and worldwide, visit www.redemptorists.ie

Perhaps more than ever before, there is a need for people who can proclaim courageously the Good News of hope, love and reconciliation in a world where there is so much greed, violence, hopelessness and selfishness. The Redemptorists make a very significant contribution in this area. We would love to hear from you.

Redemptorist Community at St Jospeh’s

  • Fr Brendan Callanan C.Ss.R – Rector & ADM
  • Fr Brendan O’Rourke C.Ss.R – Provincial
  • Fr Cathal Cumiskey C.Ss.R – Blackrock Abbey
  • Fr John Bermingham C.Ss.R
  • Fr Patrick Horgan C.Ss.R
  • Fr Peter Burns C.Ss.R
  • Fr Stan Mellett C.Ss.R
  • Fr Raphael Gallagher C.Ss.R
  • Fr Richard Delahunty C.Ss.R
  • Fr Richard Rooney C.Ss.R
  • Fr Richard Tobin C.Ss.R
  • Fr Ryan Holovalsky C.Ss.R
  • Fr Seamus Enright C.Ss.R
  • Fr Sean Cannon C.Ss.R