Many congratulations! We at St Joseph’s rejoice with you that you have decided to celebrate your love and commitment in the sacrament of marriage here with us.

Here’s what you need to do…

Civil requirements

Both parties must appear before the Registrar in person (the local one is in the Community Care Centre, Dublin Road, Dundalk) to make notification of your intention to marry. Bring sufficient photographic ID with you. This MUST be done no later than THREE MONTHS PRIOR TO YOUR WEDDING. Failure to do so could result in having to be married in the court. For more information about the civil requirements, visit

Church requirements

Please contact reception in the Monastery to check availability and book your date.

You will then need to provide the following:

♦ Baptismal Certificate – required by both parties, not more than 6 months old.

♦ Confirmation Certificate – required by both parties, not more than 6 months old.

♦ Pre-Nuptial Enquiry – required by both parties from the Parish you have been living in for the past 6 months, and must be completed at least 3 months prior to marriage. Please contact your local Parish clergy to arrange this interview.

♦ Letter of Freedom – only if bride and/or groom are not living in St Joseph’s Parish.

♦ Pre-Marriage Course Certificate – attendance at a Church-recognised course is a requirement in the Archdiocese of Armagh. Some local options are: ACCORD, Dundalk 042 9331731; ACCORD, Drogheda 041 9843360; Magnet Pastoral Centre, Dundalk 042 9336393.

♦ Church Fee – please ask the Parish Secretary.

♦ We ask for no confetti on church grounds.